What we’ve learned?

What we learn is what we’ve learned. I’m finding out that I have to relearn things that I have learned. Our common language is not necessarily applicable to what will lead us into being our free persons and beings.

I’m not a professional writer I’m not a professional news broadcaster I’m not a professional at anything. I’m actually what an old saying would call a jack of all trades and a master of none. I found out there’s a difference between the US, USA and America. Understanding these differences determines how and if you’ll be able to maneuver a life full of freedom or opper in just the illusion.

I find a lot of people like to throw unfamiliar things into the category of conspiracy theories or myths. But when you actually study and research things you’ll find out what is actually true and what is actually not what is factual what is opinion. You’ll find out true and false reality. It is my heart to share things as I’ve already vetted them out. The right to travel, Status Correction, US citizenship, and so much more!! Those who are skeptical I’m here to tell you it is real and these are the affairs that need to be in order in order to enjoy the real freedom that you have. Yes it’s a rabbit hole full of information but with due diligence you will land in the right place no matter where you start. Don’t take other people’s words for it. Learn it yourself take what they say and research it to see if it is factual or just regurgitation from what they heard.

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I am a Non-Citizen Nation of the USA

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