Family or Relative?

growing up in a split house lets you see who was born in the blood line and who was born of the bloodline. Just because the bloodline is the same doesn’t mean the line is connected to the spirit of your family.

Example … I have my dad’s spirit, my dad’s moms’ spirit. But my dad’s daughter has her mother’s spirit. The mindset in of the families encoded for me is different than the mindset encoded for her. I am outgoing and loving … she is not.

“What the fuck is your point boy? “

Well, the point is we were born in the same family but not of the same family.

my daughter acts like me… just as I act like my dad without trying. because it’s encoded into the blood. she is my family… but not my sister. Are you following what I am saying?

Ok let’s just say we all have grown up calling strangers our family because they share a basic bloodline. But consider that is not is not your family … because family shares the connections within the bloodline. So, let’s say the blood is what you can relate to. That makes them a relative. Not family.

Do you realize that some of your family was born in a different bloodline. YUP! I believe we have the task of finding them.

and un-claim those you mistakenly claimed.

Good days need you❤️!©

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