it is okay to hate people.

Matter of a fact .. If you are not truthful about your hatred towards someone or something, you will suffer illness.

so let it be known to the world

I hate the following things.

Church, Government, White-supremist, Black-lives-matter, White people who are black in color like my dad’s daughter, I hate my mother-in-law, I hate my Step-mother, my ex-wife and everyone who has supported her. all ex-friends. I hate all mean people, I hate people from other lands coming to the one I was born in telling me how to be an american. I hate all races that hate me. I hate all people who harm loving people. I hate having to hate people. Hating people and things are a learn action.

I hate that you love the Asian man that hates the “Black” man. I hate that we (Americans) are being overtaken by Asians, Germans, and Russians.

I hate that Police have no clue what the laws of the land are. What the fuck can you uphold if you don’t know the LAW DUMB ASSES.

I hate preachers who have no clue what the bible says outside of their convenient favorite scripts say but have not read the book in its entirety.

yup I do.

And I have no regrets for my hatred. It is what pushes me toward being the loving guy I choose to share and show you that I am.

yes, I know someone who is dumb and delusional will see only the narrative of hate. This will blind them to the main point.


Is stop lying to yourselves. You are a hypocrite for acting like you are not capable of hate.

you are a liar.


then you can release the DIS-EASES

MAAT is real and I challenge you to compare them to you to find where you are.

Acknowledge your hate for things-

don’t hide it, dismiss it or live in it. Try to learn the patterns that got you to where you hate things.

Look here. this is the start to my real healing. I feel better already.

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I am a Non-Citizen Nation of the USA

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