Work and life

Do you enjoy your job?

How do you work?

Why do you work?

Who are you working for?

I am sure these are great questions. And if they are answered with a common mind.. you may find answers like … I work on a schedule.. I work because I have to pay bills, I work for the largest company..

Quite frankly these are horrible reasons to go to work.
It’s a good idea.
But they’re horrible reasons to go to work.
A good reason to go to work is that you choose to. Another good reason to go to work is to have a way to learn new things.
Someone may also add That it is a healthy mindset to choose to work to assist your living. But, do not work to live or live to work.

I’m finding it necessary to have multiple streams of income.
You know, the jack-of-all-trades master of none… Many people have been taught to just learn one thing and do that.
But the problem I find only knowing how or perfecting one thing is you’re limited to that as your option of survival.

I’m gonna cut this short and just say …

Learn it’s much as you can.
Apply it to your life. Share with people who share the same passions you have. Enlighten those who don’t see the paths. Walk away from those who reject you.

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