I and We or no you.

Be alert to your surroundings. We are heading down a road that will have to be watched. We have to look out for like-minded persons. We have to choose how I care. if u don’t learn We. There will be no you, if I can not see We. What is to come will take aContinue reading “I and We or no you.”


Home gardening offers numerous benefits, including: To prevent diseases in plants, you can follow these steps: I know this life can get busy. For those of you who have busy schedule look into the Hydroponic Gardens. I grow my garden with both the soil and hydroponics. If you have ways that are helpful for gardeningContinue reading “Gardening…”

Started the hydro- phonics garden

This has been an awesome year and a half of learning. The universe is opened up to me I’m making connection with living beings that will provide me nourishment. The Divine is on our side. Stay woke. Now I was very very skeptical about this machine. These hydrophonics machines are worth every bit of theContinue reading “Started the hydro- phonics garden”

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