I and We or no you.

Be alert to your surroundings. We are heading down a road that will have to be watched. We have to look out for like-minded persons. We have to choose how I care. if u don’t learn We. There will be no you, if I can not see We. What is to come will take aContinue reading “I and We or no you.”


it is okay to hate people. Matter of a fact .. If you are not truthful about your hatred towards someone or something, you will suffer illness. so let it be known to the world I hate the following things. Church, Government, White-supremist, Black-lives-matter, White people who are black in color like my dad’s daughter,Continue reading “I HATE YOU IS OK!”

Who are the real Hebrew/Israelites?

Maybe you will find it just as interesting as I did. Check out a book in the library of Congress called, ” The history of Ancient America.” You will find interesting things. This book brings forth evidence that will most likely contradict many new world teachings. But I must communicate that I am a personContinue reading “Who are the real Hebrew/Israelites?”

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