I believe in the conspiracy, not the theory. Do you remember this being the main common for most media?

It’s all about creating FEAR..

doctor apologizes on behalf of his profession and colleagues for vaccine injuries

The narratives and the vaccinated

I was just thinking about all the vaccinated people.

Soon they won’t even be a thought because they won’t be here.

That’s what ignorant do they parish.
Believers do one thing. They believe. And most of them will believe what they’re told to believe. That’s why they’re believers.

A person who thinks would be considered a thinker, this person normally doesn’t parish. Because with knowledge you can survive what others don’t believe is happening. Not because the person who thinks is smarter ..because the believer has the ability to think as well , for themselves.

The key is in the action.

My cousin always says energy and results don’t lie.

Energy was to suppress information that was needed to think about to make an informed decision. And the result was/is vaccine injuries and vaccine causes in death.

But it’s also known of the human to be in denial which is called Stockholm syndrome once you know the truth and deny it anyway.

Mostly because you’re embarrassed that you were stupid.
You don’t have to worry about being stupid much longer because if the pig died in 3 months in the lab you’ll be dead in 3 years if the conspiracy theories are true.
So far we are holding a long track record of conspiracy being found true.

This hurts a lot of political supporters , Church supporters , medical advisory supporters, and the like. So many of these supporters of mainstream appendages have took what was said as truth instead of checking into it. They became combative against their own family friends and neighbors. Just because of a fear that was spread by people they thought were worth looking up to.

The churches are just as guilty. Because they promote the belief of something coming to save us from tyranny. When the very book that they utilize to share this message teaches us to learn for ourselves because of the stories that were placed in there. The churches pray on people’s weakness. The mass of the people are looking for savior, a relief from the pressures of life. And they’re being manipulated and stolen from. It wouldn’t be considered stealing because they’re freely giving it but again they’re being lied to in order for this to take place. Manipulated in order for it to relate to their situation.

The church is a part of politics. Politics are part of the manipulation on the people. Medical facilities are treating people for money and not curing people for a healthier community.

We choose to be entertained/amused and this is another reason we lack and knowledge. This is another one of the ways we have been psychologically trained to endure tyranny.

You see I haven’t even touched a lot of the subjects that can be touched and just these few things can be proven as tools for mass destruction.

Sickness and death are the results of these things.

Change it

stand against it.

You are being attacked while being told you’re in a conveniently coincidental situation.

East Palestine residents worry rashes, headaches and other symptoms … https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/17/health/ohio-derailment-rashes-health-impacts/index.html

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