it is okay to hate people. Matter of a fact .. If you are not truthful about your hatred towards someone or something, you will suffer illness. so let it be known to the world I hate the following things. Church, Government, White-supremist, Black-lives-matter, White people who are black in color like my dad’s daughter,Continue reading “I HATE YOU IS OK!”

You are being attacked while being told you’re in a conveniently coincidental situation.

East Palestine residents worry rashes, headaches and other symptoms … https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/17/health/ohio-derailment-rashes-health-impacts/index.html

Soldiers possibly being reinstated

Dr. McCullough Wants Backpay for Unvaccinated Soldiers, Calls Out Senator Mitt Romney "He wants them to be punished for not taking the vaccine. So what is in his mind? What would make a senator want to punish a soldier for choosing not to take a vaccine?" pic.twitter.com/XKXvYQh9wt — The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) February 17,Continue reading “Soldiers possibly being reinstated”

Family or Relative?

growing up in a split house lets you see who was born in the blood line and who was born of the bloodline. Just because the bloodline is the same doesn’t mean the line is connected to the spirit of your family. Example … I have my dad’s spirit, my dad’s moms’ spirit. But myContinue reading “Family or Relative?”

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